Paid Vs. Organic Strategies

In the world of marketing one of the most important aspects is website traffic. The two main ways to have people come to your webpage are through organic strategies through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and through paid/inorganic strategies through Search Engine Marketing.

Both of these ideas have many positive and negative aspects. Organic Strategies are a great way to have constant website traffic. According to Walker Sands Digital some of the main pros of organic strategies are; cost, blocking the competition, and credibility ( A key factor for many small businesses is cost. The pay-per-click cost of organic strategies is zero. The business does not need to pay anything to have people click on their websites if the appear for SEO reasons. Organic strategies can also be great because they block the competition. Once a business has a strong SEO then it can bury competitors because consumers will always find your business first when doing organic searches.  Lastly, a high SEO and good organic traffic looks great for a companies credibility ( There is one main negative aspect of organic strategies; it takes a long time to build up. According to SEO can take around 4-6 months to really start showing results. So SEO may be free and great in the long run but if a company needs immediate capital and to really launch their business then SEO is not the best course of action.

On the opposite end there are paid strategies. Paid strategies or (SEM) are paid for advertisements through platforms such as Google AdWords. A company pays a platform to run their add above all other search results based or consumers internet searches. For start up companies or those that want capital right away then this is a perfect way to go. The downside is that it can get very expensive. It is a pay-per-click rate so if you bid more money to have your adds run above other adds then the amount of money you pay daily for clicks can get really high. It comes down to budgeting and weighing the pros and cons. SEM can get you immediate results but can cost a business a decent amount of money.


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